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2016 Yamaha YDRE 48 V Electric Car

Sunstone beige with Sandstone seats and top
Sand bottles and hubcaps
Trojan batteries with hydro-link water system
Tinted fold down windshield
Priced @ $3,695.00

2016 Yamaha 48 Volt Electric 4 Passenger Concierge

New 10” Wheels & Tires with Chrome Hubcaps
New LED Headlight and Tail Lights
New Tinted Fold Down WIndshield
Priced @ $8,995.00

2016 Yamaha YDRA EFI Gas Golf Car

Garnet Red with Sandstone Seats and Top
Fresh Engine Tune Up and Complete Service
New Tinted Fold Down Windshield
Priced @ $4,495.00

2016 Yamaha YDRE 48 V Electric Car

Glacier White with Sandstone Seats and Top
6.7 HP AC electric motor
Trojan batteries
New tinted fold-down windshield
Priced @ $ 3,895.00

2015 Yamaha YDRA Gas Golf Car

New Custom Red Havoc Body & Cowl
LED Headlights & Tail lights
New 10” Tires, Wheels & Hubcaps
Priced @ $ 5,895.00